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PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC TIG/Stick Welder Review

Primeweld tig225x

PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC TIG/Stick Welder is designed for the modern welders. It is suitable for both professional and hobby welders.
This versatile AC/DC TIG welder can be used for a variety of welding projects. It comes with IGBT technology that gives it an edge against simple transformer
based welding machines. It has gained a wide following among welders due to its versatility and useful features. It comes with a 3-year warranty that gives you
assurance that the supplier will fix the problem at any time within the warranty period. You receive robust customer support service that is based in the USA
and available on all days of the week. Read this review to know if it is the best TIG welder under 1000.


About the Product

PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp AC/DC TIG welder has been made carefully. Some welding devices are made primarily for the hobbyists and have bare
minimum features. At the other end there are professional grade welding machines that offer several top features and cost thousands of dollars. It is difficult to
find a welding machine in the middle category that is not very expensive and yet offers most important features that you need while handling general welding
projects. Now you do not have to worry about lack of such a device. PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 AC DC TIG/Stick Welder is perfect if you have been
searching for a welding machine that falls in the middle category. It is a reliable and well built aluminum TIG welder machine that uses latest technologies to
deliver the top performance. It comes with all basic accessories that you need to get started with TIG and stick welding projects.

  • Works on both AC and DC voltage  
  • Works on both 110 and 220 volt powers
  • Offers both TIG and stick welding options
  • Comes with power with modulation (PWM) technology
  • IGBT technology makes this machine highly reliable
  • Full range of cleaning control and pulse features for AC
  • Comes with CK17 flexible head torch
  • The accessories include CK Dinse connector and CK flexible tubing
  • USA made torch setup
  • Responsive metal pedal for foot control

PRIMEWELD 225X 225 TIG Welder has impressive specifications, making it suitable for a wide range of welding applications. Its AC balance can be set from
10-90%. The AC frequency can be set between 40-200 Hz. A simple push of switch gives you the option to change between AC and DC. Another similar switch gives you the option to switch between TIG and MMA welding options. The ampere is clearly indicated on the numeric digital display. It remains visible
at all times when the machine is working. The start current can be set from 10-225 Amp. The up slope range can be set between 0-10 S. The down slope can be
set between 0-25 S. Set its welding current anywhere between 10-225 Amp. The end current setting ranges from 10-225 Amp. The 2T/4T switch lets you
choose 2-touch or 4-touch operation. Unlike smaller and hobbyist welding equipment, TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC TIG/Stick Welder gives you a few
more options. Within the current and slope settings, you can further fine tune the settings for precise and better welding results. For example, you can set the
free flow between 0.1-1 S. The base current can be set between 5-95%. The pulse frequency starts at 10 and can be cranked up to 200 Hz. The pulse duty can be
started at 10 and taken up to 90%. The post flow starts at 0 and can go up to 15 S.


The 110/220v TIG welder box has proper ventilation systems so you do not have to worry about any overheating if you have lots of welding projects. The
equipment is housed in a heavy duty box. It has a metal bar handle on top that lets you move it easily. Its rubber feet keep it securely at its place. Connectors for
most of its wires, cables and pipes have been provided at one place. Each connector point is clearly marked so you are unlikely to make any mistake when
connecting any wire or pipe. A connector cannot be connected into a non-compatible connector port so you are never going to make any mistake in connecting
the cables and pipes. The packaging includes all necessary accessories. It has quality TIG torches, foot pedal, gas regulator, clips, electric connection cables and
other accessories.



  • It can be used to weld stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum and other metals
  • It can weld up to 3/8" mild steel and 1/4" aluminum
  • It is capable of welding 6013 and 7018 rods
  • Foot pedal for precise welding heat control
  • Advanced inverter technology wave pulse width modulation and IGBT technologies
  • HF start hand torch control
  • Excellent customer service record
  • Detailed product information is not available online
  • Product videos explaining its features are not available
  • There are not that many user reviews
  • A newbie needs some knowledge of welding and welding devices to get started using it

What Others Are Saying

The most impressive thing that most users have found about PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp IGBT AC DC TIG/Stick Welder is not the product itself but the
customer service offered by its supplier. All buyers agree that the supplier offers the best customer services among all welding companies. It gives you peace of
mind because it is not easy to find support service for such a product. Even professional welders who use other brands of welding equipment prefer it as their backup welding equipment. This device is recommended highly for DIYers who want to handle occasional welding projects but still need a high quality close to
professional grade welding machine. The users have reported a smooth consistency and good penetration in the welds. The filler welds are strong and clean. It
does not overload at high duty cycle even when the welding process continues for 5-6 minutes. The only advice that existing users offer to the new buyers is
that one should have a little welding experience to get the best out of this equipment.


Buying Advice

It is a top quality product with more features and functions than what you will find in similar welding machine models. PRIMEWELD AC DC Welder has always received high user ratings so you are assured it will deliver on its promises. You cannot go wrong with it because it comes with a 3-year warranty and prompt customer support services. It is an affordable product in its category. You can buy it from Amazon.

Final Verdict

Do not expect to get started immediately just after reading the manual of this AC/DC TIG welder. If you are a newbie, take your time to research the TIG/stick
welding subject. It will help you obtain satisfactory welding results from this welding machine. Practice a few not so important welds before proceeding with an
important welding project. Most users have given it high rating. You are assured of excellent customer support services. PRIMEWELD TIG225X 225 Amp
IGBT AC DC TIG/Stick Welder is a top of the line product that delivers on its promises. It is a well built machine that is designed to last long and deliver
consistent result every time. Its solid construction, high quality accessories and advanced technologies make it a high performance welding machine. It can be
used for automotive, manufacturing, DIY and other metal welding projects. You can also read Square Wave Tig Welder reviews, Home Tig Welder Reviews and more!

Our Rating

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