Amico MTS-205 TIG Welder Review

Amico ​MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG-Torch/Stick Arc Combo Welder

Amico ​MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG-Torch/Stick Arc Combo Welder is one of the most popular welding machines currently trending in the market. It comes with amazing features and due to this, it has been used by a lot of people. It doesn't matter whether you are a professional or hobby welder, this welder will provide you everything. Now some of you might be thinking why this welder and what's so good about it.

So, if you are one of those, then this MTS-205 TIG welder review guide will provide you all the important information. After reading this article, you will know everything about this dc TIG welder, and you will be able to decide better whether it is perfect for you or not. So, if this sounds helpful, then stick to this article. Now without wasting a single minute, let's get started.

Amico ​MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG-Torch/Stick Arc Combo Welder

About the Product

Amico MTS-205 TIG Welder is equipped with a lot of useful features and it is getting very famous all over the market for its functionality. This ​very well might be the best tig welder under 1000. As you know​, welders are expensive but with this welder, you will get amazing features at a reasonable price.
However there are many companies out there that sell welding machines but most of them lack the performance and if they perform better, they are very expensive. This MTS-205 TIG Welder is a combination of both performance and affordability. The best thing about this welder is that it gives you full control over the performance in terms of the end result. This welder comes with IGBT technology that makes it superior to other welding machines in this price bracket. Along with this, it is also equipped with advanced technology that makes it effective and gives amazing performance.

This is an aluminum welder, which is specially made to be used for different purposes. It is a 3-in-1 welder and you can use it for welding aluminum, alloy, mild steel, etc. It also works effectively with solid wire, aluminum wire, and flux cord wire. ​Another great benefit of this welder is that it comes with an excellent warranty and customer service.

​​Amico MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG-Torch/Stick Arc Combo Welder is very lightweight and compact, which makes it very easy to transport. You can easily take this welder with you, if you want to work on any outdoor projects. This welder comes with voltage control features, so if you are someone who works on large volumes, then it is a perfect choice for you. It will balance the voltage and will protect ​itself from any internal damages. With this machine, you will get all the necessary items you need to start welding. This makes it a good option for people who DIY projects. Though this welder is designed for professionals but if you put some time, then you will be able to use it perfectly.

Coming to premium features, a steep amperage control is given in ​MTS-205 205 Amp TIG welder and the good thing is that it also has an LCD display. The 60% duty cycle lets you use more output without any kind of overheating issues. Apart from this, the 10-25 amps output range is very useful in welding the extremely light metals without giving any unnecessary damage. It has amazing power, which penetrates the denser materials very effectively. This welding machine features synergic control, which makes it easier to use and operate. Some other functions include waveform control and IGBT technology​.

Amico ​MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG-Torch/Stick Arc Combo Welder


This MTS 110 220v TIG welder is a multifunction professional combo welder. It can be used to weld up to a thickness of ​1/2" of different materials such as aluminum, mild steel, alloy, stainless steel, cast iron, and copper. This makes it a great option for home repair projects and other professional work. It comes with different settings, so you can easily adjust the output as per the thickness and type of wires you are working with. This machine provides the best finishing and precise, clean arc ignition and ending. It has 100-240 Voltage inputs, which makes it easy to use with any type of power supply.

Pros And Cons

As you know that any review guide is incomplete without the pros and cons. So after discussing the fundamental things about this welder, here are some of the main pros and cons that you should know:



  • ​It is a multi-function welder
  • ​It provides 90% efficiency
  • ​It is very lightweight and compact
  • ​It has excellent safety features
  • ​It comes with a lot of useful accessories
  • ​The instruction manual is a bit complicated
Amico ​MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG-Torch/Stick Arc Combo Welder

Buying Advice

One main thing that sets ​MTS ​TIG welder apart from others and makes it perfect for you is the automatic compensation for over-voltage protection, voltage fluctuation, fan dormancy, auto-temperature control, and steeples amperage control. These features will protect you from any electric damage. This machine uses a high-quality wire adding machine that makes the wire feeding smoother.

Along with this, it features an automatic control gas solenoid valve and the good thing is that it is generator friendly. This machine will help you do both professional and home jobs perfectly. It offers all the premium features at a very budget-friendly cost. Amico also provides a one-year warranty, so if anything happens to this machine, then you can call the customer support team.

Amico ​MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG-Torch/Stick Arc Combo Welder

The Final Verdict

If you have just started welding and want a decent welding machine at a reasonable price, then this MTS-205 TIG Welder has everything you need. It comes with a lot of useful features and even if you are a professional, then you can also use it. The lightweight and compact design makes it suitable for people who usually work outdoors. You can easily transfer it anywhere without putting a lot of effort and energy.

Apart from this, ​Amico ​MTS-205 205 Amp MIG/TIG-Torch/Stick Arc Combo Welder comes with a 1-year warranty, which means if you face any problems, then you can reach the support team for help. Hope this article will solve some of your queries and give you some valuable information. Read review of another Amico's ​Welder!

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