Forney 324 MIG/Stick/TIG Welder Review

Forney 324

Forney 324​​ MP is a 3-in-1 welder from the Forney brand. The MP stands for multi-process. The unit costs about $1054. This is a fantastic unit because, at this price point and in the retail market, this is the multi-process unit that can get the job done. It is dual voltage; it operates of 230 volts but also includes an adapter plug so you can operate off 120 volts as well.

​The Forney 324 MIG Stick TIG Welder comes MIG and Stick ready; it features a 10' lead torch, a stinger (electrode holder), ground cable, clamp, a 15' input power cable, a gas hose, and regulator.

​If you take a look at the control panel, you will notice that it allows switching from one welding mode to another. You can change to stick welding mode, TIG welding mode, or four different MIG welding modes. You will notice that there are a 2-T and a 4-T trigger mode on the control panel. The 2-T trigger mode is for short welding while the 4-T is a trigger lock, useful for long welds. There are also manual and synergic modes as well.

Forney 324

​Stick weld

In stick welding, we have the stick, i.e., the electrode is in the electrode holder (stinger). You just touch the electrode to the metal and create an arc to join the metals together.
When in stick welding mode, you adjust the amperage on the left and on the right, you adjust the hot start function. The maximum diameter of electrodes you can use is 5/32” electrodes. For smaller diameters, any electrode will do the job, but for the 5/32”, you have the option among E6011, E6013 or E7014.

​MIG welding

The Forney 190 MP also arrives MIG ready. MIG welding can be done in manual or synergic mode. In manual, you adjust your wire feed speed from the control board, on the left, and then on the right, you adjust the voltage. In synergic mode, you adjust the wire feed speed on the left and the percentage thickness on the right-hand side.
The wire feed is of state-of-the-art. The drive system is all metal, cast aluminum. The drive unit has a gear on it. It's geared so that it can work with the idler wheel so both wheels can drive the wire through the MIG torch for a more consistent feed and better weld job.

The Forney 190 MP unit also features a gas hose and can easily be switched from Flux-Core welding to Mild steel welding with gas setup. It is one of the best MIG welding setups on the market. MIG makes welding much simpler, all you have to do is pull the trigger, and you feed the wire.

At 140 amps, you can easily weld steel of 3/16” in a single pass; and in multi-pass, you can comfortably weld up to 3/8” steel. The Forney 324 can work with 4-inch and 8-inch spools.

​TIG welding

The Forney 324 can also be used as a TIG welder. Though the unit arrives with the Stick and MIG setup only. The Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG) setup can be bought separately. The multi-process TIG is a DC TIG and will, therefore, TIG steel or standard steel only but won't do aluminum.

When in TIG welding mode, you can adjust the amperage from the control board if you are hooked to the local mode or with your foot pedal if hooked to remote welding mode. You can buy the foot pedal from Forney brand product distributors. Forney also sells the appropriate tungsten for your TIG welding needs.

Forney 324

​What to Expect from the Forney 324 190 MP welder?

· A larger cabinet that allows easy access to the spools
· A state-of-the-art wire drive system with geared idler and drive roll for consistent feed.
· MIG and stick ready setup - A 10’ lead torch, ground cable & clamp, a stinger (to hold electrode), a 15' long input power cable, a gas hose, and regulator,
· A dual voltage unit – it includes an adaptor plug for switching between 230v and 120v inputs.
· Spool gun capable machine
· Euro-style fast disconnect torch – You can easily swap out the torch to clean the unit's liner.

​What Users are saying about the Forney 190MP welder

· Great value
The Forney 190 MP machine works as described. It is worth the money and delivers some quality welds. The unit allows for quiet welding operations;
wire loading is easy, and the feed is smooth and reliable. The only negative thing is the short gun cable.

· Powerful
The Forney 324 is. With dual voltage (120/230V0 and a 190 amps output, the Forney 324 allows for adjustability to the welding task at hand. For TIG welding, you can adjust the output down as required, and for jobs requiring a touchy-feely approach, you can do so with finer precision.
You are going to love the performance of the Forney 324 on those heavy-duty stainless-steel welding jobs. The machine delivers a great deal of power that makes welding freaking heart-warming.

· Compact
At 52 lbs and 19 X 9.5 X 16.5 inches, the Forney 324 surely is compact for the joules it delivers. It is neither too heavy nor too bulky. It can be hauled from one position to another easily.

· Sturdy built
A machine's robustness contributes to its performance, and the Forney 324 MP unit study built allows its use in various welding applications without buckling under the overwhelming stress. You can use it in a metal fabrication shop, automotive industry, and farm, and other DIY applications.

​What Users love about the Forney 190 MP welder

· Multi-functional
· Powerful for its retail price
· Solid built
· It arrives MIG and Sticks ready
· Quick-style disconnect torch allows for hassle-free cleaning of the liner
· Power saving
· Digital readouts and multiple trigger modes – a solid green LED indicator (230v), blinking green LED indicator (215 v). There’s an over-temperature indicator as well as a fault indicator.
· Spool gun capability
· Larger cabinet allows quick access to spools
· Warranty – 5-year warranty on the power supply unit; 3-year warranty on internal moving parts.

· The gun cable is a bit short
· There is no need for the diffuser tip since it’s not a gas-shielded welder.
· The welder doesn’t work great on materials whose thickness is greater than ¼-inches.

Our Rating

Forney 324


The take-home, except for a few minor design misses, the Forney 324 MIG Stick TIG Welder is a powerful and versatile machine. It is loaded with features that make it freaking heart-warming to use. It's compact, sturdy, and powerful, allowing a considerable degree of adjustability to the workload; that is what makes it suitable for various high-quality welding applications at home, metal fabrication shop, ranch, farm, automotive, among others. You can always trust the Forney brand to deliver great metalworking and welding tools. The Separate warranties on the power supply and internal parts is a great idea!

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