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Everlast PowerTIG 325EXT 320 AMP Digital AC/DC TIG Welder Review

Everlast 325ext review online

​TIG welding is a complex process but you can handle it without any difficulty if you have the right welding machine. Everlast PowerTIG 325EXT 320 AMP Digital AC and DC inverter welder comes with some of the most advanced features. This professional grade home TIG welder gives you the power to handle even the most complex TIG welding operations. You just need some basic training in TIG/stick welding and you are
ready to use it. This welding machine has a user friendly design. All important connections and adjustable settings have been provided on the back and front panels so you will never face any difficulty in using this machine.

About The Product

Everlast PT325EXT 320 AMP Digital AC/DC TIG welder offers solid performance. It has the latest digital microprocessor control IGBT feature. This innovative inverter module makes this machine a reliable, efficient and productive unit. This welding device will give you years of service without breaking down or requiring any repair. Its Advanced Pulse feature alone ensures powerful welding results. Good quality high penetration weld is assured even when you are welding a metal like aluminum. It delivers professional and
industrial grade performance. You will feel like you are using a more complex and larger welder. Checkout the inverter TIG welder reviews and it is perfect for welding aluminum due to its advanced features in controlling AC balance, AC frequency, AC Pulse and wave forms. There are plenty of features that you can use when using its DC function. Various adjustable options have been provided in its 2T/4T functions.

Everlast PowerTIG 325EXT 320 AMP Digital AC/DC TIG Welder Review

​Benefits of Everlast PowerTIG 325EXT 320 AMP

  • ​Increased reliability and performance due to advanced IGBT power modules
  • ​Higher reliability and fewer maintenance issues due to high frequency heavy duty design
  • ​Digital microprocessor control ensures clean power and welding results
  • ​All important menus, buttons, knobs and connections provided at one place
  • ​Simple menu design makes it easy to select and adjust the settings
  • ​Quick setup and easy to start
  • ​Advanced 10Hz AC Pulse mode means deeper weld penetration even in the thicker metals
  • ​Reduced burning and warping on thinner metals
  • ​Improved performance in stick welding mode due to features like hot start time, hot start intensity and arc force control settings
  • ​Advanced VRD function ensures high safety protection against shock and electrocution


​Everlast PT325EXT TIG welder offers 320 amps of strong welding power. Welding operation can be taken down to 10 amps in AC and 5 amps in DC mode. The AC wave form control includes four different wave forms including the Advanced Square Wave, Square, Triangular and Sine. It has quick start up features in both AC and DC modes. Its pulse can go up to 250Hz in AC and 500Hz in DC. The Advanced AC 10Hz Pulse mode improves welding of both thicker and thinner metals. This powerful home TIG welder is not only about TIG welding. It also offers high quality performance in stick welding mode with its hot start, hot start time, and arc force control settings. Its VRD function reduces the risks of shock and electrocution in the stick welding mode. Even with all these heavy duty features, it weighs only 67 lb and measures only 9 x 21 x 17 inches in W x L x H.
Everlast PT325EXT comes with the latest digital technology GTAW-P and SMAW. The IGBT module and 32-bit microprocessor ensure stable arc performance. This technology means reduced downtime and minimum maintenance and repair works. The full bridge design soft switching technology extends the machine's capabilities and improves the IGBT component life. It is a simple plug and play welding machine which means the users can start using it immediately after connecting it to the required things. The product
comes with accessories including one 20 Series TIG cable and torch, one 9 Series TIG cable and torch, one 47K pedal, one heavy duty clamp, one regulator and hose assembly, and one electrode holder. Keep in mind that the types and number of accessories provided with the product may change without notice. Check the current price, specifications and accessories for more details.



  • ​Simplified operation
  • ​Easy start up features
  • ​Increased aluminum welding capacity with four standard AC wave forms
  • ​Store 9 favorite settings in the programmable memory for repeatability
  • ​Self diagnosis troubleshooting features
  • ​Protection against over current, over voltage and duty cycle (over heating)
  • ​Improved stick welding capability with arc force control, hot start and hot start time
  • ​Advanced Infineon IGBT modules and microprocessor to manage all welding output and parameters
  • ​Improved starting and lower maintenance due to solid state HF start
  • ​Industry standard connectors for torches and fittings
  • ​Easily displayed accessible menu reduces set up time and panel navigation
  • ​Allows use of E6011, E6013, E7018 and other electrodes going up to 7/32”
  • ​Fully adjustable arc control features
  • ​Lift start feature for welding at places where HF use is unwanted or restricted
  • Designed for heavy duty use
  • ​Lack of water cooler unit
  • ​Expensive
  • ​Not suitable for E6010 electrode

​Buying Advice

​Everlast 325EXT inverter TIG welder is perfect if you are in the market for a reliable and high quality TIG welding device. Whether you are searching for a home TIG welder or need a professional grade full feature welding machine, this equipment will fulfill all your welding needs.

Everlast 325ext review online

​It receives high ratings from its users because of its innovative IGBT and microprocessor control features that take the guesswork out of many functions. Its simplified menu design and panels make it easy to set up the device quickly. It is pricey but it has most of the features that you expect in a professional welding machine. ​

​Final Verdict

Read the complete Everlast 325EXT review as it is a perfect TIG welder machine if you do not mind paying slightly more for the latest features and innovations in your welding machine. It delivers high quality welding performance that meets the highest industry standards. The unit has a rugged design and made for heavy duty welding applications. It delivers on its promises and will not disappoint you. It can be used for welding virtually any metal including aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel and other alloys. It gives you full control over the output
voltage, amperage and arc. PowerTIG 325EXT is the top of the line welding machine from Everlast designed for the intermediate, professional and serious DIY welders.

Our Rating

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