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Amico Plasma Cutter | Remarkable Tool That Is Right For You? [Comprehensive Review]

Amico Plasma Cutter

​One of the most efficient cutting techniques is the plasma cutting. In this technique, a jet of hot plasma cuts through materials that are good conductors of electricity. The hot plasma can easily cut even sturdy materials like stainless steel, aluminum, and so on. However, not every plasma cutter is equally efficient. ​If you are choosing plasma cutter, you ​might as well go with the best ​one. Today, we will help you out by reviewing one such plasma cutter. We will review the Amico plasma cutter. APC-70HF to be exact. Once you go through our review, it will become easier for you to decide whether this is a plasma cutter you should go with or not.

Amico APC-70HF

Amico APC-70HF

About Amico APC-70HF

Let us look at the features first before digging deeper into the other details of this professional plasma cutter.

  • ​Numerous safety features on offer
  • ​Built-in inverter
  • ​Detailed instruction manual on offer
  • ​30 psi to 90 psi pressure
  • ​Smart power supply

​Built-in inverter:

One of the main advantages of this plasma cutter is that it has built-in inverter​. So you can plug it into any socket and use ​just like that. You need not bother about ​power fluctuations​.

While this might seem like a small feature, you will realize how useful this feature is once you start using this plasma cutter.

​Incorporates air pressure regulator:

Plasma cutting needs extreme precision. Only ​those plasma cutting machines ​that offer suchs ​precision​ are worth buying

Amico ​​​plasma cutter ​has an air pressure regulator. You can easily control the speed at which the gas is released. The pace of gas release controls the generation of plasma. That in turn, controls the cutting speed.

Not only that, the gas pressure range can be varied between 30 psi to 90 psi. Consequently, customizing the entire cutting process according to your requirement, is certainly possible and easy.

The efficiency of the plasma cutter depends a lot on the materials which it can cut through. The good news is that this one can cut through a lot of materials like:

  • ​Alloy steel
  • ​Low carbon steel
  • ​Copper
  • ​Cast iron
  • ​Aluminum
  • ​Stainless steel
  • ​And so on

​Any material which is a great conductor of electricity can be cut using this plasma cutter. It can cut up to 1.​5 inches deep. Due to th​at you can efficiently work with heavier and bulkier materials​.

It does not matter if you need an angular cut, hole, slot, or straight cut, this cutter can help you with all of this and more. It is undoubtedly a versatile option.

Smart power supply:

How about a plasma cutter with a smart power supply? This one has such a smart power supply!

The advantage of the smart power supply is that it can work with any input voltage. You can provide it with an input voltage anywhere between 90 V to 300 V.

The power supply first detects the input voltage. Once it does so, it will adjust the working of the plasma cutter according to the voltage. ​

When using the plasma cutter at a single place, you might not face this problem. However, in industrial applications, you need to take the plasma cutter with you wherever you go. In that case, it is compatible with any power source. You will not have to worry about using an additional circuit or step up or step down transformer with ​​Amico Power industrial plasma cutter. Just plug it in and use it.

​Includes necessary accessories:

It is always a good idea to buy a plasma cutter with all the necessary accessories. It ensures that you can use it right out of the box.

​​APC-70HF plasma cutter includes quite a few accessories like:

  • Torch gun assembly
  • ​​Work clamp assembly
  • ​Power adapter
  • ​​Air filter
  • ​​Pressure gauge
amico apc-70hf
amico plasma cutter
amico plasma cutter

To make it easy for you to use all these accessories and more, you get a detailed owner manual as well. The owner manual can​ provide you with all the instructions you need to use it.

​Safety features ​offered:

In addition to all of these features, ​APC-70HF plasma cutter has quite a few safety features incorporated into the design. Due to these safety features, you can rely on this cutter. ​The safety features include:

  • Overheating protection
  • ​Overloading protection
  • ​Overcurrent protection
  • ​Resistance to voltage fluctuations

The plasma cutter is very reliable due to these safety features. ​You can use it ​over and over again without worrying that it can fail.

With all these features, this plasma ​cutter certainly stands out. However, before you make the buying decision, go through the highlighted pros and cons below.


  • ​Type of cutting: Non-touch pilot cutter
  • ​Efficiency: 85%
  • ​Cooling method: Fan cooled design
  • ​Weight: 31 lbs
  • ​Pressure range: 30 to 90 psi



  • ​Extremely reliable
  • ​Easy to use
  • ​Comes with numerous accessories
  • ​Customizable ​
  • ​​Can be used on various materials
  • ​Extreme precision
  • ​Can work with any power source
  • ​Packaging can be better

What are others saying ​about Amico ​Plasma Cutter

Before we provide our final verdict, it is time to find out what other consumers have to say about this plasma cutter.

​Most consumers ​appreciate Amico ​Power APC-70HF ability to adapt to any ​​power source. ​

​Many consumers have also commented on its ability to provide precision cutting.

​Ability to work with various materials is another convenience that consumers have commented on.

​This Amico plasma cutter does not disappoint.

amico apc-70hf

Final verdict

​Amico ​plasma cutter is one of the most efficient options ​there is. With extreme precision, customization, and convenience on offer, you cannot go wrong with this plasma cutter. In fact, rather than choosing ​a substandard plasma cutter which does a shoddy job, you should go with this plasma cutter. Read the review of ​Amico MTS-205 TIG Welder.

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amico apc-70hf
Amico APC-70HF

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